Vin de pays Domaine Bousquet Vinified and aged in oak barrels

Ground : Rolled pebbles from the terrace of the Orbieu river

Grape varieties:

Grenache Blanc 50% - 40 year old vines. Single guyot pruning.

Maccabeu 25% - 20 year old vines. Goblet pruning.

Carignan 25% - 40 year old vines. Goblet pruning.

Cultivation: Plowing of grounds, reasonable phytosanitary protection, and respect of natural balances. Cultural practices adapted to the vines’ climate and conditions, to guarantee the best balance of the vines, good aeration and good exposure of the grapes to sunshine. Compulsory method to obtain this kind of wine.

Harvesting: By hand, sorted on the vine trunk

Vinification: Manual sorting on arrival in the cellar and 100% de-stemming. Direct pressing for Maccabeu and Vermentino, skin maceration for Grenache blanc. Cold settling. Fermentation 100% in new French oak barrels. Temperature maintained under 23°C. Malo-lactic fermentation made inside barrels.

Aging: In new oak barrels with replacement in suspension of fine lees every week during 8 months.

Tasting notes: Golden yellow straw and green hues. Aromas of white and yellow flowers, honey, hints of fresh wood. In flavor the Grenache transmits magnitude and minerality. There is the flesh and fruit of Vermentino. Maccabeu brings flower flavours. Rounded and elegant with a long finish. The wooded side is soft in structure, giving toasted notes.

Food matching: Foie gras, fish in sauce, lobster, chicken in white sauce and even cheese

Temperature: to taste between 12 and 14°C.

Production: 4 000 bottles/ vintage

Oenologists: Gilles Dejean – Pierre Vialard



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