About Us

The story begins in 1988. Jean-Noël Bousquet acquired 24 hectares and created his cellar, which was the birth of Grand Moulin. It fell into the category of independent winegrowers. This winery was located on the banks of the Orbieu, on the site of an old water mill.

Very enthusiastic at the beginning, Jean-Noël Bousquet almost became disillusioned by the difficulties inherent in any business. But the first gold medal achieved at the World Selections in Montreal in 1994 gave a massive boost and Jean-Noel bounced back. He then used his signature for the first time on the wine bottles ...

Jean Noel also invested heavily in the development of a group of buildings. Winery, cellar, holiday houses, a house to live in ... the work was extensive and with successful results.

Then…. In November 1999, when the premises had just been inaugurated, devastating rains battered the Corbières region. A wave submerged the buildings, destroying everything in its path. Jean-Noël Bousquet looked on helplessly as the buildings collapsed.

Supported by all the promises of help and solidarity from people around him and the tremendous energy that this gave him, Jean-Noël Bousquet was able to reconstruct his cave in the town of Lezignan.

The winery has been operational since summer 2001, it has a sophisticated production unit, with tapered ultra-modern stainless steel vats with pigeange system and integrated temperature regulation. A tubular heat exchanger can perform cold pre-fermentation maceration (12-14°C). The results recorded on the 2001 vintage confirmed Jean-Noël Bousquet had made sound choices.

In the Vineyards, Jean-Noël Bousquet bought and planted in particular the Syrah grape. At the same time, he restructured the existing vineyard, including 20 hectares with improved trellising to bring them to 1.50 m high and thus increase the leaf area to achieve better phenolic ripeness.

In late 2007 the works at the Lézignan winery were finally completed, and since then visitors have the possibility to taste locally produced wines in a warm and authentic setting.

"The mountains of the Corbières have hardened men of character who select and mark their territories. Creating an exemplary vineyard embodies the will, strength, action, rigor and success that follows.
When you combine tradition with technical mastery, it is always for the best.
Just try to be convinced. "

CHÂTEAU GRAND MOULIN RN 113, 11200 Lézignan Corbières    Tél : 04 68 27 40 80 - Fax: 04 68 27 47 61