The Winery

Built in 2001, the winery marries noble materials such as wood, stone and stainless steel. Tradition and modern coexist

The cellar is equipped with new and efficient equipment, an intake dock with a sorting table, a de-stemmer, a harvesting ram and pump, a conveyor belt and distributor of the harvested grapes

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There are also 13 conical stainless steel tanks and 5 concrete tanks for winemaking, 22 storage tanks and 300 oak barrels.

In 2007, the tasting room and sales area were completed. In this magical place you can come and taste prestigious white wines, rosés and reds.

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Sorting table, 1 égrappoir, one ram, one pump harvest, 1 conveyor belt for maceration carbonic, 2 presses Vaslin, 1 central hot water cold water, 1 tube heat exchanger, 13 conical stainless steel tanks, a pigeur, 4 concrete tanks for maceration, 8 stainless steel tanks for white and rosé, 4 tanks with floating cap, 8 cell resin and 300 barrels renewed by quarter every year.


CHÂTEAU GRAND MOULIN RN 113, 11200 Lézignan Corbières    Tél : 04 68 27 40 80 - Fax: 04 68 27 47 61